Aaron Carmack Electronic Services - ACES - is a full service Audio Video installation company. We provide residential and commercial services including media rooms, home theaters, home audio, simple control, and more. This includes automated home theater and media room, multi-room music and playlists, energy efficient smart and enhanced lighting, advanced energy conservation and temperature control, integrated safety, security and remote home monitoring. With one touch you control your world!

  • TV Wall and Ceiling Mounting
  • Video Projector Installation
  • Recessed TV and Video Install
  • Media & Conference Rooms
  • Audio Speaker Installation
  • Surround Sound & Sound Bar
  • Whole House Audio
  • Commercial Building Sound Systems
  • Automated Window Coverings
  • Home Remote Monitoring
  • Integrated Total Home Control

The Reasons To

Choose Us

Our experience spans 20 years of service in this industry. We've seen many changes and continuously provide our clients with the best service and products that are guaranteed quality.
We recognize technology is constantly changing - part of our service is to evaluate the latest, greatest audio, video and environmental controls to make recommendations that meet your budget. Be assured those recommendations always have quality and value as our top priorities.
Is there a guarantee on our service... YES. We'll also go over warranties related to your new hardware and audio video products.
Our mentors taught us to always treat our customers like they were our best friends, which to us means we treat our with clients with honesty, integrity and dash of humor for good measure!

The Way We Work

• Be honest.
My mentor told me to always sell as if I’m selling to my best friend, which to me means selling with honesty and integrity.

• Give a firm time.
I hate when Time Warner says they’ll be there between 1p and 5p. You’re busy and so am I, so let’s not waste time waiting.

• Be on time. Period

• Never judge.
Honestly I’m not offended by any amount of clutter, mess, or disorganization. You should see my house.

• Don’t waste money.
If your TV still works then we should try to make it work for your needs before buying a new one. Which reminds me:

• Make it easy to use.
If you can’t use your cool new AV system then you’ve wasted your money, and we're not going to let that happen.

• Do the best job possible.
even if it takes a little longer longer. You’re spending your discretionary income on products from ACES so it should not only work great, it should look like it was installed by someone who cares.

• Anticipate changes.
Tomorrow, next week, or next year, something better is going to be available or you’re going to want something new and different. That’s cool with me.

• Recycle as much as possible.
We proudly and meticulously recycle boxes from every job. Sure it's a drop in the bucket but drops add up and it makes me feel good.

• Express gratitude.
I put this last because it's one of the most important. But please know, I am humbled every time someone calls and asks Aces Tech to provide service for them.


About Us

ACES provides full service Audio Video installation including media rooms, home theaters, home audio, simple control and more.


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