In 1991 I took my first job at a big box retailer in Northern Kentucky selling all sorts of consumer electronics. Soon after that I got married and moved to Columbus, Ohio where I continued my career in electronics, working for a high-end audio salon, then a manufacturer, and then a small independent installation firm. Finally I’ve done what so many clients and friends have encouraged me to do, which is to do my own thing. The result is Aaron Carmack Electronic Services (ACES).

Because technology is always evolving, I tend to have a number of long term clients, adding or enhancing whatever it is I’ve provided for them. And not surprisingly, many of my clients have also become my friends. I couldn’t be more thrilled.


Music has been a constant source of joy in my life. I was born into a musical family as my parents were church musicians. I met my super-cute wife in the choir at Wittenberg University, and we share in experiences either performing or listening to music regularly. And when the need arises, I can play a wicked air guitar.

help clients make a good decision


tracking trends in home technology


Run a sub 4-hour marathon


Karaoke Side 2 of “Purple Rain"


About Us

ACES provides full service Audio Video installation including media rooms, home theaters, home audio, simple control and more.


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