Lead Technician

My whole life I have never been afraid to try something at least once, unless of course it looks stupid or dangerous. My parents gave me the opportunity to do my own thing and it has made me a very curious and interested person. I love learning new things and it keeps my mind very active.

When Aaron started ACES I was his first coworker. At the time I had my own handy-man business doing all sorts of odds and ends, so it really wasn’t all that hard for me to mount a TV on the wall, add an outlet, and make it all look perfect. As our company has grown, we’ve been asked to do some really crazy things. Aaron usually asks me if I’m comfortable doing the work, and I usually tell him we will figure it out. I love the challenge!

I assume that every client wants the work we do for them to be perfect. Since “perfect” is kinda subjective, I take as much time as I can to be sure what they consider perfection before we start our installs.


I grew up in a small community in southeast Ohio. I moved to Columbus in 1987 and have lived here ever since. My husband Duane and I have dogs which we love, and we spend an absurd amount of time hanging out with our many friends. I have a wonderful life!

Assessing all options before cutting holes


Documenting job notes


Making friends with client's pets


Drywall replacement post installation


About Us

ACES provides full service Audio Video installation including media rooms, home theaters, home audio, simple control and more.


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