VALUES: as industry leaders in the central Ohio area, we hold these core values in all of our endeavors:
• ATTENTIVE: distractions be damned, we strive to be focused to your ideas, your phone call, and your deadline
• CANDID: If we’re being honest and forthcoming, we can avoid unpleasant surprises
• ETHICAL: We pledge to be good stewards of your time and your resources
• SINCERE: We are genuinely interested in you and your project

PEOPLE: we aren’t the largest integration company in town, but our staff brings these unique skills to your project:
• AWARE: we realize we aren’t the only contractor on the job, so we consider the impact our work has on other trades to give you an integrated solution
• CREATIVE: if there is a way to make it work within constraints, we’ll figure it out
• EXPERIENCED: let’s just say we know when to say “yes,” and more importantly, when to say “no”
• SKILLED: we can also do the electric, drywall repair patch and paint, and carpentry work. We know what tools to use and we always clean up after ourselves. Always.

PROJECTS: we are commonly asked if we specialize in jobs of a certain size or scope of work. Sure we understand the question and yes, some of them are really small and others are really big. But here is what they all have in common:
• ADVANCED: we are intentional about learning what’s next with a keen eye towards useful vs. absurd
• CLEVER: outside-the-box thinking comes naturally to create systems as unique as our clients
• ELEGANT: we believe your space is an expression of what is important to you. Let’s keep it that way.
• SIMPLE: “easy for you to use” is the hardest and most important thing we do.

CLIENTS: as an integration company we tend to get to know our clients pretty well, and many we consider to be our friends. Our most successful projects are with clients that share these commonalities:
• ALIGNED: being engaged in the process is critical for us to bring you a good solution
• COMFORTABLE: you can trust us to respect your home and your privacy
• ENTHUSIASTIC: technology is really cool and often really fun
• SAVVY: you don’t do mediocre, right? Neither do we.

About Us

ACES provides full service Audio Video installation including media rooms, home theaters, home audio, simple control and more.


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